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Impressions from FHIR connec-a-thon San Antonio, TX, USA, January 2014

The HL7 FHIR standard has been approved (on 2014-01-20) as a DSTU (a draft standard for trial use). This completes a 2,5 year effort to create an entirely new HL7 standard.
The 5th FHIR connectathon was held in San Antonio on January 18/19, 2014. This video provides some impressions from the connectathon, it contains statements by the attendees as well as presentations of those that implemented/tested their application during the connectathon.
In addition, two of the 3 'FHIR men' (Ewout Kramer and Lloyd McKenzie) were interviewed about the new DSTU status as well as the future development of the FHIR standard.

San Antonio, TX (USA), January 2014

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Published: 2014-05-01 (vimeo)

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